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200 Year Anniversary of the Bicycle

Two hundred years ago, Karl Freiherr von Drais, a notable inventer of his day, perfected what is recognised as the first bicycle to the point that he had a patent granted in 1818.

His “Lauf Maschine” or “Running Machine” was also variously known as the Velocipede, Drasine, Hobby Horse and Dandy Horse had no pedals and steering was a rather less than intuitive tiller type movement. Whilst very primitive in comparison to a current bicycle, the overall concept is there in this first movement to mechanised personal travel.

History of the bicycle since that moment is somewhat contentious with various names being associated to similar devices, and various journeys and the occasional accident, rising up into the folklore that surrounds this wonderful machine.

Our list is based on many examples that are available to view at Glasgow’s Riverside Museum.