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Cycle Friendly Driver

The Cyclist Friendly Driver campaign aims to inform all other road users, drivers and cyclists alike, that the driver of the car displaying the sticker is cyclist friendly.

We are asking drivers to opt in to show that they are considerate to cyclists as fellow road users.

The stickers can be displayed by cyclist and non-cyclist drivers alike.

The campaign aims to breakdown the mythical "them and us" driver / cyclist barrier.

Being a Cyclist Friendly Driver is about:

Patience. Be a patient driver, the cyclist may be riding where they are because the road narrows further on or the road might have debris on it or be damaged. Do not overtake on the brow of a hill or on a bend.

Close Pass. Give enough space when you pass. 1.5 metres is the minimum distance between your car and the cyclist. Further if you are travelling faster or are a large vehicle. You should never be squeeze past or cut back in too early.

Advanced Stop Lines. Stay out of advance stop areas for bikes. Cyclists can typically move off quicker than a car, so the advance stop line is to allow cyclists to filter to the front where they are more visible so it’s also important to leave enough space to allow cyclists to filter.

Car doors. Before opening your door, check your mirrors and reach around to check your blind-spot. Incidents arising as a result of a driver or passenger door opened in front of a cyclist can result in serious injuries and fatalities. As well as injury resulting from collision with the door, it can cause the cyclist to lose control and enter the path of other vehicles.

Parking. Leaving your car in a cycle lane forces cyclists into vehicular traffic. In the case of new cyclists and children, this can place them in danger. Avoid parking in cycle lanes and never park in a segregated cycle lane.

Attention. In Glasgow, 77% of all accidents involving cyclist occur at junctions. Pay attention and help reduce that number and save lives.

To pick up your sticker, drop into Glasgow City Council offices at 231 George Street, Glasgow. G1 1RX.

You can request a sticker via email from: sustainabletransport@glasgow.gov.uk

Put "CFD Sticker request" in the subject.