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Smarter Travel
Subway - Be Multimodal

Being multi modal is just combining travel methods.

The subway station is perfect for getting around. If you are from out of town, Parkand Ride facilities make it the ideal final leg in a journey. Parking is available at Bridge Street, Kelvinbridge and Shields Road stations. Regular users can buy a money saving car park season ticket. Car parking is available during Subway opening hours.

Most Subway stations now have sheltered cycle parking within the grounds of the station and where there is not space in the grounds, cycle parking has been provided proximate to the station by Glasgow City Council. Many of the stations are close to cycle routes with Shields Road station being on the South West City Way.

Whether you are new to the city or have lived here all your life, CycleStreets.net can help you plan your route by bike whilst walkit.com can provide you with the best route by foot.