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Smarter Travel
Sustainable Transport - Bus

For most of us, there is a bus stop not too far from where we live and a regular service to the city centre.

Glasgow has many bus operators, many with overlapping routes, meaning that you can get to pretty much anywhere at low cost and no parking when you get there.

There are numerous benefits in using the bus as a way to commute.

Frequent use of the bus instead of driving frees up time to do something that you enjoy. You can catch up on emails, check your social media or read the newspaper. Just relax, let someone else do the driving.

Using public transport builds independence and personal confidence especially amongst young people; it can also foster a real sense of community for regular or older travellers; seeing familiar faces on local routes.

Using the bus will get you much closer to where you want to be than a car. Glasgow City centre is highly pedestrianised. This can be beneficial especially for the younger generation and the elderly.

Buses also help to reduce congestion on key routes by taking more cars off the road. This can improve the ambience of our streets and our general quality of life.