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Sustainable Car Use - Car Share

Car sharing has been ongoing since the advent of the car, usually as an informal arrangement between friends and colleagues. The concept has been formalised via the various dedicated car sharing websites. These provides advanced journey matching to cater for when you are traveling and your origin and destination.

It is an excellent solution to getting to places that might not be so well served by public transport, particularly if parking is a challenge. Car sharing has the potential to reduce the number of cars on the road and if more people car shared there would be less congestion and potentially less of a requirement for so much land dedicated to provision of parking spaces.

Many places of many companies have dedicated groups available for their staff.


Benefits to car sharing

  • Reduces the number of cars on the roads - resulting in less congestion, less pollution and fewer parking problems;
  • As a passenger it reduces the need for a private car.
  • Saves you money - travelling with others spreads the costs and enables you to reduce your transport costs.
  • Gives you more transport options.

Car Sharing Websites

Whilst there are a few journey matching websites available, by far the most established is Liftshare.com. This has been promoted by SPT and as such has the highest number of members in the Glasgow area.

Their website has a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and guides for use. The website also outlines the legal status of car sharing and offers a calculator to ensure that all travellers are contributing fairly.

For full information, visit: LifeShare