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Sustainable Car Use - Electric Vehicles and Hybrids

Electric vehicles have the primary advantage of being zero polluting at point of use. i.e. No emissions. They are also almost silent so reduced noise pollution is another advantage. Whilst all vehicles parked within on-street designated electric vehicle bays require to Pay and Display in line with existing parking regulations they do currently enjoy free charging.

Similarly, there are dedicated recharging points in most off street car parks. Where these are operated by Glasgow City Council charging is currently free, however a swipe card is required to activate the chargers.

National Charge Place Scotland Charging Network


Electric Vehicle Charging

We offer free electric vehicle charging at a network of plugged in places around the city.

We operate over 100 charging outlets throughout Glasgow with the most recently installed at: The Lochs Shopping Centre, Dundasvale Car Park and Duke Street Car Park.Charging outlets are also located on-street within the city centre, at Commonwealth games venues, sport and leisure venues, multi-storey car parks, museums and entertainment venues.

The council has received grants from Transport Scotland to subsidise the installation of these electric vehicle charging points, and will continue to expand this network.

You can obtain a swipecard by registering with Charge Place Scotland.