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May Cycle Challenge - May Challenge FAQs


The challenge aims to be inclusive of all abilities and welcomes everyone from beginners to experienced cyclists.

All cycling counts except competitive events.

This year there is no restriction on where you can cycle.

Multiple cloned routes will not be accepted and will be removed where they cannot be verified.

Routes that do not appear valid may be removed where they cannot be verified.

Longest single ride is restricted to 110 km.

In the case of disqualification of a route or rider, the organisers decision is final.

How do I opt in?

The challenge uses the phone app Naviki.
Simply download the free app from your app store. Create a log in, go to settings, contests, click on the Glasgow “Around the World Challenge” icon, then and click on “I’m participating”. You are now taking part!

How do I request a team?
If you want a team to be set up, simply send an email to: sustainabletransport@glasgow.gov.uk stating: Team name, Team category (Workplace, Education, Club, Nextbike, or Other)


I can’t see the challenge under contests. Where is it?

The challenge should appear in all current versions of the app. If you have an older version you will have to update it. You can do this via the app store by finding the app on the store. This will offer you the choice to update if it’s already installed.


My routes aren’t showing on the leaderboard?

A. Go to settings, contests, click on the Glasgow “Around the World Challenge” icon and make sure you have clicked on “I’m participating”. If this is ok, go to step B.

B. Go to “My Routes”. Beside each of your recorded routes there should be an icon. This is either a phone icon or a cloud icon. Those with the Phone icon are only on your device. Make sure you are connected to the internet, select the route that hasn’t uploaded, and click on “save”. If successful the icon will change to a Cloud and that route distance should appear on the leaderboard.
If you are still experiencing issues with submitting routes, contact us on: sustainabletransport@glasgow.gov.uk

Where do I get the app?
The app is available for iPhone and Android phones and is available from the app stores for your device. Unfortunately it is not supported on other platforms.

What does the app do?
The app is a route tracker which uses GPS to follow you as you cycle. The data gathered gives you information on your speed (average and top speed) and the topography that you are riding. When you have saved and uploaded your ride, this will be added to the leaderboard.


Can people find out where I live?

The Naviki app cuts the first and the last 400 metres of each trip when trips are displayed on the heatmap. Heatmap data is also anonymised. Technically there is no opportunity to identify specific user names from viewing or analysing heatmaps

Can I use another route tracker?
You can. Whether you are using a tracker such as strava or a dedicated GPS unit, as long as you can download the route file from your preferred tracker you can add routes via the Naviki Web portal. You will still need to set up a Naviki account and opt in to the challenge.
You can upload routes, view your submitted routes and change setting from the drop down menu next to your log in. Choose upload a route and using the browser, select the file you want. These can be gpx, tcx, kml or kmz files

What do you do with the information?
The GPS information from your cycling helps us identify preferred routes, high use junctions etc. It can also be used to identify those areas with low levels of cycle use. This information can be used to help identify where resources can be directed to improve or develop cycling infrastructure.