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Sustainable Car Use

The car is an extremely useful tool. Unfortunately we often use it habitually even when it is not the most convenient, cost effective or, environmentally favourable option.

Having said that, we recognise that sometimes there is no choice but to use the car. In these situations there is still a way that you can reduce the costs of driving and the environmental impact of your journey, eco-driving. 

By following a few simple tips, you can reduce wear on your car and reduce fuel use too, saving you money and helping reduce damage to the environment.

  • Accelerate gently and pay attention to the movement of traffic ahead of you. By anticipating the requirement to slow down or speed up you can reduce incidences of harsh braking and acceleration.
  • Change gear at the right time, and ensuring you don’t rev the engine too fast. Around 2000 rpm for diesel and 2,500 for petrol engines, will help the efficiency of the car’s engine. At slower speeds, change down the gears to avoid the engine labouring.
  • Check Tyre Pressures. Under inflated tyres require more force to turn than those at the recommended pressure, and so use more fuel. Keep tyres properly inflated

Most modern cars sold in the UK have an indication of rate of fuel use (expressed as mile per gallon). Reset and try these eco-driving tips to see what difference a few simple changes to your driving style can make to your fuel bills.


More comprehensive guides are available from the Energy Saving Trust via the link.