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Smarter Travel
Sustainable Transport - Train

We are fortunate in Glasgow because our rail network is already good and is being developed further. Most of us have a train station not more than a couple of miles away. Many train stations have park and ride facilities and all have cycle parking. With many of them also on cycle routes it’s the ideal option for being active without having to commit to the longer distance cycle.

Fast and dependable and there are numerous benefits to the train as a way to commute.

Frequent use of the train instead of driving frees up time to do something that you enjoy. Many services have free wifi allowing you to catch up on email, social media or read the news. Just relax, let someone else do the driving.

Using the train will get you much closer to where you want to be than a car. Glasgow city centre is highly pedestrianised. With two main stations in the centre, the train gets you where you want to go.

Trains have significantly less environmental impact than traditional vehicles. Reduced pollution, cleaner air improves the built environment and ambience of our streets and our general quality of life.

Using public transport builds independence and personal confidence especially amongst young people; it can also foster a real sense of community for regular or older travellers; seeing familiar faces on local routes.