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Walking - Where To walk

Where To Walk

Planning a walk with a purpose can be great inspiration.

In the city there are guides on themed walks, Glasgow has many parks, and we are fortunate to have countryside on our doorstep.

Scotland also has extensive outdoor access legislation allowing you responsible access to the extent of our beautiful country.

The Outdoor Access Code can be found here

Visit Scotland publishes many guides that feature fantastic walks right across Scotland. The Walk in Scotland 2018 brochure can be downloaded here

Another inspiration for getting out there is Geocaching. The purpose of this 21st century leisure treasure hunt activity is to find hidden caches, usually small boxes containing a log book and items left by other geocachers. The geocache phenomena is global and whether searching locally or further afield, you’ll find some that are placed close to a walking route to add that further incentive to get out there.

If you have an idea of where you want to go, route planners to help plot your route.

Google maps allows you to plot a route using names, street addresses and post codes. It also lets you upload it and share it via social media. It should be noted that it defaults to 3 mph as your walking speed which is a little slower than average.

The Walk it route planner is particularly good as it shows your route, gives guidance on the time to walk the route and give a gradient profile of the route so that know if you have any hills along the way. It also indicates CO2 savings and calories burned and allows you to set the pace for walking.